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Posted on 24th March 2016 by thomkelly on Uncategorised


We accumulate so much stuff in our lifetime and as a result of that we all need places to store that ‘stuff’. Storage can be a huge issue for many homes, no matter how big or small. It’s time that we found storage solutions that work with our homes and lifestyles instead of fencing off valuable square-footage of our homes as we succumb to the ever-mounting collection of things. I’ve gathered together a small list of practical solutions that you can incorporate to maximise the functionality and organisation of the space you have.

1. Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of the home but no matter how much storage you think you have it’s just never enough! There’s so much space in the kitchen that just isn’t used to it’s full potential. The space between your counter tops and wall cabinets can be used for all manner of kitchen objects. Attach magnetic strips to the underside of the wall cabinet you can use this to hang things with metal lids – hello gorgeous, space saving spice rack! Turn your ‘fake drawers’ into hidden plug sockets with the help of a joiner and an electrician. Find unlocked potential in your cupboards on the inside of the doors to hang anything that will fit! Think measuring spoons, pan lids, even notice boards.



2. Bedroom

small bedroom clothes storage ideas Expansive Ceramic Tile Area Rugs -

In the bedroom it’s clothes that are the main issue. One simple way to organise this space is to have definite areas for seasonal items – jumpers in one place, skirts and dresses in another. This will stop you creating the dreaded ‘floor-drobe’ as you sift through your closet. If you’re not blessed with large wardrobe space get boxes to pack away clothes you won’t need. Boxes with wheels are an added bonus! Suitcases also provide a great alternative to boxes by using something you already have to avoid creating more ‘stuff’. Take a look at some seriously stylish bedroom organisation here.



3. Bathroom

Storage in the bathroom has a lot to deal with from cleaning products to general toiletries and towels, and the more family members you have, the harder this space becomes to take control of. You can create some unique storage solutions with things that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the bathroom. Wine racks make great towel holders, for example, and look undeniably stylish. You can attach boxes or baskets to the wall (either side on, or screw through the base) to create additional shelving.

4. Living Room

Usually the technological hub of the home, in the living room you are faced with the challenge of finding stylish way of dealing with the dreaded cables. Going wireless is the most modern solution here but if you don’t have that luxury you have two options – create a focal point with the cables or hide them altogether. Most people will choose the latter as it’s less permanent and doesn’t detract from the interior design. Simple ways to do this are to tack them to the wall, along skirting boards or in line with shelving.



  • Think vertically, there’s a lot more space to be used when you use wall and even ceiling space to create storage solutions.
  • Every room has 8 corners, not just 4. Use all the space you have to it’s maximum potential.
  • Be imaginative with storage. Everything is designed for a specific item in mind, but that’s never set in stone – a ladder can easily be turned into a shelving unit.
  • Dead space, like stairs, around windows, neglected corners, backs of doors, under furniture and above doors could all be utilised as handy storage space.